3D Printing Services

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Why 3D printing?

Reduce Assembly time

Don’t waste time putting products together! Rely on 3D Printing to make complex geometries that can be printed as one piece 

Fast Turnaround

Working on a project of a customer that has to be just right? Get models back fast, and 3D print nee iterations, if needed for final feedback and production.

Reliable Quality

Proprietary process, expert 3D Printing operators and inspections are our secrets to delivering exceptional quality products every single time.

Parts 3D Printed

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Material and Finishing

States and Countries Shipped

Customers served

Best in class 3D Printing

  • For Low cost prototyping
  • Fastest Lead time 
  • Medium to High Surface finish
  • For precise prototyping
  • Quick Lead time 
  • Extremely fine surface finish
  • AKA SLS 
  • For functional prototyping
  • Moderate Lead time 
  • Highly detailed parts 

How to print with us

Our Services

Production Parts

Upload customized models for 3D Printing-Ensuring strength and durability and make them production ready

Injection Moulding

The definitive engineering of plastics. Produce High-Volume based plastics parts with wide range of materials, choose the one which suits your needs the best.

CNC Maufacturing

5-Axis CNC machine which can produce parts of perplexing geometries with extreme accuracy and precision.







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